Friday, 29 July 2011

An Ancient Ball

I love chasing the ball. Have I mentioned this before? Well, Owner no.1 came home with this big orange thing. It squeaks, like a small animal would squeak if you killed it and it's shaped like a ball. I love it. When the owners throw it for me, I chase it as fast as I can and pounce. The next door Ben-dog likes it too. Sometimes I try to steal it back from him, although he does cool tricks so I leave him to it sometimes.
Apparently, it belonged to owner no.1s Grandmas dog, which was like a bazillion years ago. All the visiting dogs at this old owners home used to play with it too. It's about 40 to 50 human years old, which is what, like 200 years?! This ball could have belonged to my great great great great great Granddog. Woof.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

It's About Time

Well, you've all been asking for more regular updates on my adventures, so I've decided it's best to keep a blog!

The owners left me on my own for a few days last week, all alone.  I was pretty annoyed about it, but I kept it to myself.  What's a dog to do?  I did get bored though, so decided to practice my burrowing techniques.  I started with the wooden door and was pretty successful.  I dug a nice big hole in the wood and made lots of pretty wooden confetti to celebrate my owners coming home.  Boy was I happy to see them.

Then, as a treat, we went in the big yellow van to the beach, only I wasn't allowed on the beach, so I had to walk around some grassy area and then sit in the sand dunes until 6pm.  It was SO boring and everyone else at the beach was playing with this ball really close by.  I really wanted the ball.  All I could think about was the ball.  Why couldn't I have the ball?  Instead, I had to sit with owner no.1 who was wearing these really embarrassing yellow sunglasses.  I was so ashamed to have to sit with him...